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The themes of my work are cultural clash, hybridity as it pertains to culture and politics, music and art. Coming from a multi ethnic heritage my work often challenges conventional stereotypes. It pokes fun at the burden of history, makes it lighthearted even, with a nod and a wink. My work cannot be relegated to one style, one genre, one anything. There is a constant ebb and flow of ideas and ideals. I’m constantly refining my visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerges through points of intersection between painting, graffiti, photography, illustration and graphic design.


I’m fascinated by the way the West shapes the world by declaring it’s version of history as a kind of "truth". Exploiting the heritage of its colonial and imperial power through culture, media repetition of so called facts, framing of situations, people and countries.

Through my work I bring new insights to the viewer,  starting a conversation about the status quo. By this I mean, what is history, or his story, and how does this impact the prevailing narratives of the Western world.


By and large my latest works have journeyed through channels of intellect, stereotypes, and world views to arrive in place where the orientalizing of its subjects become the focal point. Be it the Chinese portrait paintings or the Cowboy Indian toys, each of these themes have an overriding place in our global psyche, some good, some bad, framed into an 'us versus them', or savage versus civilized. What seems to be more appropriate, is how do these images and themes fit into this western world view of itself. Does it fit in? If so, where, how, why and for whom.


Stay tuned.



Background pic by: Marlise Steeman